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The Yo Quiero Una Ley management committee was created in 2018 to promote and monitor the approval of the general equality and non-discrimination law.


The purpose of this committee is to promote, design and implement comprehensive policies and regulations in favor of equality and non-discrimination, as well as powers of prevention, supervision and monitoring of compliance with the law.  

While we were growing in the movement, more organizations joined this cry of social struggle and that is why we formed a coalition of organizations that make up the management committee  #I Want A Law.  

Currently the coalition of organizations that make up the management committee I want a law is made up of 25 member groups and communities.

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Bill Objects

Prevent and eliminate all forms of discrimination against any person.  


Promote equal opportunities, treatment, a culture of tolerance and respect for diversity in all its aspects. 

Why are we advocating for a general law of equality and non-discrimination?

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Because any form of discrimination exercised against a person as well as the inequality of opportunity and treatment are acts that affect the development of the human being and the progress of the country. 

your reach

It obliges the public and private sectors, individuals and legal entities to promote equality and non-discrimination.

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So what actions does the bill provide?

Precautionary or precautionary measures may be issued, preventive decisions in the face of possible imminent violations. In the same way, compensatory measures may be adopted, such as compensation for the damages caused and the reestablishment of the rights of the aggrieved person. 1 custodial actions will be governed by the current criminal code, in case of multiple discrimination the penalty is 3 to 5 years in prison.  

2 the burden of proof will correspond to the defendant or whoever attributes the discriminatory situation.  

3 in the same way there will be administrative action against discrimination, the protection action for equality and non-discrimination is established.

For whom this bill apply?

Applies to all people with special emphasis on vulnerable groups, women, girls, youth, people with physical or mental disabilities, older adults, people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, sex workers, migrants, people who use drugs , people living with HIV, religious diversity, socioeconomic level, ethnic diversity, people deprived of liberty or who  they have served their sentence.

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What  is it discrimination?

It is the one that includes any conduct, act, criterion or practice that supposes a distinction, exclusion, restriction that has the purpose of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise in equal conditions of rights and freedoms of all people.

What is equality?

It is the identical treatment that an organization, state, company, Association, group or individual gives to people regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, social class, or other plausible circumstances of difference or to make it more practical it is the absence of any type of discrimination. 

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